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YBR Capital leverages AI and big data to identify deals for investments giving us a competitive edge over our peers.

Disrupting Real Estate Thru Technological Innovation

Using the power of AI to optimize deal structure and providing renters with our happy home experience™.

We at YBR capital are bringing the best and the brightest from finance firm such as JP morgan and technology companies as Facebook/META to create the most innovating real estate investment company

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A Top Real Estate Investor Disrupting The Real Estate Throughout The USA.

We have leaders in the firm who worked at J.P Morgan alternate investment unit, who have overseen billion dollar real estate deal to Facebook AI developer, coming together to disrupt the real estate investing.

A Family Of Disruptors

The future of real estate

Real estate is the oldest investment frontier that has yet to be disrupted. Giving us the blue sky opportunity.

loyalty as a core value

We believe trust and loyalty is the most important core value for our investors and us to have a long term relationship.

We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

A Creative and Innovative Agency

Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

Trust The Basis Of All Our Transactions 

you are in good hands

Pioneering Socially Responsible Investment

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